Kyocera Ceramics. A New Frontier
Formed by Nature.
Perfected by Science.

Kyocera’s comprehensive experience and capabilities in advanced ceramic technology have enabled us to develop kitchen tools and cutlery that are of high-quality and performance. Developed and manufactured in Japan, Kyocera’s proprietary blade technology has become the benchmark in many key industries and is considered the leading brand in ceramic knives and kitchen tools.

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It all starts with Ceramic.
Kyocera was founded in 1959 as a small company in Japan. Today, it numbers among the most successful technology groups worldwide. From the very beginning, Kyocera has specialised in ceramics. Kyocera has developed countless ceramic innocations over the course of its history - ceramic products such as fine ceramic components, and even ceramic jewellery, respresent an important part of the Group's portfolio.

Ever since 1984, Kyocera have been manufacturing kitchen knives with blades made of zirconia ceramic in sendai, Japan. As such, Kyocera is one of the pioneers of this industry. Manufacturing these products doesn't just call for technical expertise, though. Careful manufacture and a love of detail evinced in every single step of production make the difference between a mere knife and a precise kitchen tool: in other words, a Kyocera ceramic knife.
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